they shouted from one cartonè to another…

A bit of history about Bricco Rosso

From the Medieval times and still from the first middle of the century already passed, every year the Cartonè, drivers “ante litteram”, but also small dealers of grapes came from the plain and from the far-off Alpine valleys to get a small but precious amount of “Dolcetto” grape.

After many hours of noisy and slow journey, they began to see the big sea of hills, Langhe: “Look, we can see Bricco Rosso, there!”. The Cartonè indicated with the outstretched arm the hill upon Farigliano which divides this village from Dogliani and that today it still presents a peculiar characteristic: it may be the geological substrate, it may be the position of vineyards, however the harvest comes here a bit early, getting the leaves red and creating a small vermillion isle on the sea still green of the surrounding hills.
And it is in this land, in Langhe, Unesco Heritage since 2014, that the farmhouse and the winery of our family arise: two unique locations, both lying on top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards and embraced by the Italian Alps.

Come and visit us: hospitality and good wines await you!
Aldo, Gianfranca, Luisa, Paola

Bricco Rosso A bit of history about Bricco Rosso - Bricco Rosso Azienda Agricola

Bricco Rosso rises in a unique territory, rich in charm and history: in 2014 Langhe became an UNESCO World Heritage Site.